Daily Wisdom: Ireland’s Bad Bank Edition

Despite its troubles, Mexico still offers opportunities.Mexico: NAFTA ’s third amigo

European governments have approved $5.3 trillion of aid, more than the annual gross domestic product of Germany, to support banks during the credit crunch, according to a European Union document. Bank Rescue Costs EU Governments $5.3 Trillion, Surpassing Germany’s GDP

When Jeff Bezos put Amazon in the business of selling third-party goods, investors feared margins would erode. Look what happened instead.The third man

This is a tough question to answer. But I can provide an answer of a mechanical sort. Consider how big the Chinese economy is, compared against the US, the Euro area and Japan.How Important Is China to World Growth?

As Ireland reels from its banking woes, a fierce debate is under way as to whether the government’s ‘bad bank’ solution will be enough to open a route to recovery or whether widespread bank nationalisation is a more realistic option. A ‘bad’ solution for a battered economy?

Photo: Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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