A look at Repsol and Sasol ADRs

Repsol(REP) and Sasol(SSL) operate in the integrated oil&gas; and energy & chemical industries.

Out of these two, Sasol(SSL) is an interesting company since its portfolio of assets is diverse. The company “mines coal in South Africa, produces gas in Mozambique and oil in Gabon, and its chemical manufacturing and marketing operations span the globe”. In South Africa, it runs 406 Sasol retail convenience centers and Exel service stations. The average annual earnings growth for Sasol is 27%. Last year Sasol has nearly $20B in total revenues.

Spain-based Resol(REP) is “an integrated oil and gas company engaged in all aspects of the petroleum business, including exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas.”The current yield is 6.32%.Average annual revenue growth rate is about 11%. Resol is an average performer as the earnings grew at 7% annually in the last 5 years.It has a debt to total capital ratio of 43.33% which is in-line with its peers in the Oil & Gas – Integrated industry.

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