Knowledge is Power: World Trade To Fall Edition

1.With world trade volumes likely to shrink by as much as 13 percent in 2009 from 2008 levels, the OECD is urging governments to avoid protectionist measures and keep markets open in order to allow economies to benefit from the recovery when it comes.World trade set to fall 13 percent, OECD urges governments to avoid protectionism

2. Brussels, 19 May 2009 – The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association ACEA has published, today, the European Automobile Industry Report 09/10 and the accompanying leaflet Automobile & Society – State of Affairs, Priorities for the Future. European Automobile Industry Report 09/10


3. Vontobel Asset Management argues Asian equities and most commodities are way overpriced.Skip Asian equities and give me the Scotch

4.Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has set aside 115 billion euros to help tottering German companies. But with some of the country’s largest firms lining up for aid, Berlin is struggling to decide who qualifies for help.List of German Companies Needing Help Grows Longer

5.Hot on the heels of rising oil prices, the Canadian dollar continued its ascent… Canadian dollar hits 7-month high

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