Many Foreign Utilities Are Up Nicely Off March Lows

Foreign utility stocks have performed well similar to the financial sector off the lows attained in March this year.While the financial sector gets most of the media attention due to the stress-tests in the US, bailouts and other events, I wanted to find out how the foreign utility sector was performing since the March lows. The results of my research is displayed below in a simple table below.

Performance of Foreign Utilities since March lows:


As shown in the listing above, many of the stocks are up in double digit percentages.Seven of the stocks have dividend yield of over 5% even after the rise. It must be noted that though Brazilian utilities such as CPFL Energia S.A. (CPL) pay over 7% in dividends, they can be volatile and do not follow consistent payment patterns.However utilties in the developed world such as Veolia Environnement (VE) of France, TransAlta Corp.(TAC) of Canada, National Grid plc(NGG) etc. have relatively safer yields and have great business models.

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