Knowledge is Power: US Savings Rate Rises Edition

1.The economic downturn is forcing a return to a culture of thrift that many economists say could last well beyond the inevitable recovery.Shift to Saving May Be Downturn’s Lasting Impact

US Savings Rate

Source: New York Times

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2. The market is a cruel mistress indeed. Compounding the pain of big swoons, it kicks investors when they are down by luring them into sucker’s rallies – typically sharp but fleeting bounces in the middle of a bear market.On Wall Street: Beware of the sucker’s rally

3.The largest 25 managers of mutual funds most used by defined contribution plans ended 2008 with assets off by more than a quarter, but the year’s market vortex didn’t drag down all boats equally. Top-performing mutual funds

4.Spanish Solar-Power Subsidy Seduces Florida’s FPL Group, Scorches Consumer Spain has turned itself into the world’s biggest builder of solar-energy plants, attracting developers from the U.S. and France by guaranteeing prices that weigh down Spanish consumers.

5.US banks Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America unveil plans to boost reserves after failing ‘stress tests’.Banks unveil cash-raising plans

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