Five Great Dividend Utility ADRs

One of the dividend indices from Mergent is the “Mergent International Dividend Achievers”. The constituents for this index are selected based on the following condition: “To become eligible for inclusion in the International Dividend Achievers Index a stock must be incorporated outside the United States , trade on the NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX, and have increased its annual regular dividend payments for the last five or more consecutive years.“There are 97 stocks in this index. Out of that only 5 are utilities. So these utilities are special in a sense that they are able to meet the above criteria. In this post, let me list these utilities with some basic information.

1.Company Name: Consolidated Water Co Ltd
Ticker: CWCO
Country: Caribean countries of British VI,Belize,Cayman Island, The Bahamas
Dividend Yield : 1.22%

2.Company Name: Enbridge Inc
Ticker: ENB
Country: Canada
Dividend Yield : 3.20%

3.Company Name: Huaneng Power International Inc
Ticker: HNP
Country: China
Dividend Yield : 6.11%

4.Company Name: National Grid PLC
Ticker: NGG
Country: UK
Dividend Yield : 6.66%

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