Knowledge is Power – Edition #3

Tulip mania

Photo: Tulips in The Netherlands

1.Dan Hyde of “This is Money” says in the article Stock markets: A history of boom and bust that “History is littered with stock market dips, shocks and crashes, throwing entire economies into turmoil. With the FTSE 100 down 23% on its recent high in 2007 and a potential recession on the horizon, Dan Hyde takes a look at the history of the stock market crash..”

2.Georgia — A Blow to US Energy. In this piece, Steve LeVine of Der Spiegel says ”
The plans of the US and Western oil companies for expanded pipelines in the Caspian region may well be a casualty of Russia’s attack.”

3. Frontier Markets are getting popular nowadays. Kuwait is one such market that investors are flocking to. So here is the link for the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

4.A preview from William Bernstein’s – The Four Pillars of Investing: NO GUTS, NO GLORY

5.With the bear market in full swing, its time to review this neat article:
May 24, 2007 – Gurus Explain Why They Were Wrong About the Stock Market

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