Vinci SA – A Pure Infrastructure Play

Vinci SA (VCISY) is an infrastructure company based in France. VCISY , the ADR for Vinci trades on the OTC market.


Vinci is a pure infrastructure play because it builds, maintains and operates many infrastructure things like roads, bridges, buildings, stadiums, transportation, etc. There are not many companies in this space which are available as ADRs.Firms like GE, ABB, etc. can be competitors for Vinci.

Listed below are a few important points about Vinci:

  • Operates in 4 business lines – Concessions, Energy,Roads and Construction.
  • Operations in France account for some 64% of revenue.
  • Europe accounts for 90% of revenue.
  • World’s largest toll roads operator.
  • Built the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge in Greece (Photo above) , Three Airports in Cambodia including the one in Phonm Penh,Fredericton–Moncton motorway and Confederation Bridge in Canada.
  • Construction of roads and roads in Africa, Reunion Island, Vietnam, etc.
  • The 5 Year average annual return of Vinci Stock in the Paris market was 35% (from 2003 to 07).
  • Dividends per share increased three times in the same period.
  • VICSY dividend yield is 4.29%.

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