New Foreign Stocks listed in NYSE

Even in bear markets some good companies list their stocks in the stock exchanges.So its a worth a look to keep an eye on them.

The following are some of the new foreign stocks (ADRs) that were listed in the New York Stock Exchange:

1. Safe Bulkers, Inc. (SB) is in the shipping industry.Transports grain,ore and other goods in the drybulk transportation sector of the shipping world. The company has 11 ships and is based in Athens, Greece.

2.Britannia Bulk Holdings Inc (DWT) is another drybulk shipping company like the above, DWT operates in the Baltic region and is based in London,UK. It owns 22 ships.

3.General Steel Holdings, Inc. (GSI) is a Beijing, China based steel sector. It makes hot-rolled carbon and silicon steel sheets which are used in many items like shipping containers, heavy equipment vehicles,etc.

4.ReneSola Ltd (SOL)  is a China based solar wafer manufacturer which is used in making solar cells.

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