E ON ADR Ratio Change and Stock Split

From August 4, 2008 E.ON’s ordinary stock listed in Germany started trading at a split adjusted basis of 3:1. This was done by the EON board since earlier it was trading for 100 EUR in Germany. In addition EON changed the ratio of the ADR share (EONGY) from 3 ADR shares to 1 to the new ratio of 1 ADR share to 1 ordinary share.

How does this affect EONGY ADR?

The stock split and the ratio change will NOT EONGY shares. This was just a ratio change for the ADR.So no new additional shares will be distributed .

EONGY Details:
Company Name: E.ON AG
Ticker: EONGY
Country: Germany
Sector: Utility
Current PPS: $59.00
Yield: 3.56%
$10K invested 5 years ago would be worth: $45,121 as of Aug 2,2008

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