Pretty in Pink ADRs


Many investors ignore the Pink Sheet market in the US because pink sheet stocks have had a bad reputation for many years. However times have changed and there are plenty of great opportunities in the Over-The-Counter (OTC) markets.One such example is Nestle (NSRGY), one of the top food company in the world.

In fact some of the world’s leading companies can be found in this market where they trade as American Depository Recipts(ADRs). Some of the foreign companies moved their stock to the pink sheets in the past few months since they do not want to deal with the regulations of Sarbane-Oxley law.Some even left the NYSE since their trading volume was too low and the listing fees is high.

The short summary of some 10 large multi-billion $ foreign company stocks that trade in the pink sheets are listed below.One can invest these stocks without worrying that they are some worthless pink sheet stocks promoted by the mafia.:-)

1.Company:Benetton Group SPA
Ticker: BNGPY
Country: Italy

2.Company:Heineken N.V.
Ticker: HINKY
Country: The Netherlands

3.Company:Centrica Plc
Ticker: CPYYY
Country: UK

4.Company:DBS Group Holdings Ltd.
Ticker: DBSDY
Country: Singapore

5.Company:E.ON AG
Ticker: EONGY
Country: Germany

6.Company:Groupe Danone
Ticker: GDNNY
Country: France

7.Company:Norsk Hydro ASA
Ticker: NHYDY
Country: Norway

8.Company:TNT N.V.
Ticker: TNTTY
Country: The Netherlands

9.Company:Tullow Oil Plc.
Ticker: TUWLY
Country: UK

10.Company:BASF SE
Ticker: BASFY
Country: Germany

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