Industrial Tranport ADR Stocks !!

Industrial transportation is a critical sector of the global economy. The following list has a select few foreign companies that operate in this field:


Important Note:
TFS-Rating” in the above column means (TFS) rating on the stock.Please note that this rating is based on a variety of factors. DO NOT make any investment decisions based on these ratings.Do your own research on these or any other stock before making any buy/sell transactions.


Companies like Neptune Orient Lines (NPTOY) and Dampskibsselskabet Torm (TRMD) are big players in the shipping business. They own and operate a fleet ships that move everything from Point A to Point B.TNT Worldwide (TNTTY) is widely known around the world as a good courier company.

Neptune Orient Lines was on “Asia’s Fab 50 Companies 2007” list from Forbes. Forbes said:

“Its container ships ply the seas on all major shipping routes. U.S. subsidiary APL,
which represents 80% of Neptune’s revenue, moves goods seamlessly from ship to rail to truck. Traffic in and out of Asia and the Middle East is starting to drive up container rates—and Neptune’s profits—after a difficult 2006. Its share price has more than doubled in the last year. Has hinted it is in the market for acquisitions. The Singapore government owns 40%.”

TNT WorldWide (TNTTY) used to trade on the NYSE as TNT.The stock had a great run and there have been rumors in the past that it is a potential target for big guys like FedEx,UPS, DHL, etc.

Mexican Airport operators may offer potential investment opportunities as well. They operate the airports which cater to the large number of tourists that flock to Mexico for its beaches and sunny weather.


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