Germany – Bank ADR Stock !!

Commerzbank is the second largest bank in Germany. The bank was founded in 1870 by a group of merchants and bankers in Hamburg. From those early years, the bank has grown to be the second largest bank now thru many mergers and acquisitions. The bank also endured both World War I and II.

Today the bank has over 36,000 employees with 8,725 of them located outside Germany. Total branches exceed over 1,100.

Photo: Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt – The tallest building in Europe

Commerzbank ADR (CRZBY) started trading in 1999. Total outstanding shares equal about 657M. Institutional investors own about 76% of the shares.Private investors own about 16%.

CRZBY stock is down 25.97% YTD and is now at $28.50 . The 52 Week high was $51.15. The stock got punished recently due to several writedowns due to subprime exposure losses.
For those with a long-term horizon, this is a value stock at this time.

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