Canadian ADR Stocks !!

There are many Canadian ADRs listed in the US. Usually American investors and funds consider Canada to be part of North America.So Canadian stocks are not treated as foreign stocks.

Canada has a lot to offer in terms of commodities such as gold, diamonds, oil, potash, uranium etc. Canadian banks are highly profitable and are well run institutions as well. Recently BusinessWeek wrote an article titled “The Mother lode up North” in its “Where to Invest in 2008” issue.

You can read the full article here:

There are about 83 Canada ADR stocks listed in the NYSE. Other than these, a multitude of other products such as ETFs, Energy trusts, Income trusts, Nasdaq, OTC trades stocks etc. are available as well.

Blogs that discuss Royal Bank of Canada (RY) – one of the best long-term stocks in Canada include:

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