The Complete List of Listed Companies in Singapore

The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange as of Oct 13, 2020 are shown below:

S.No.Company NameTickerSector
13Cnergy502Real Estate
28TelecomAZGTechnology Equipment
3A-SmartBQCIndustrial & Commercial Services
4A-Sonic AeroBTJTransportation
5AA5GZTechnology Equipment
6ABR533Food & Beverages
7AbterraL5IEnergy - Fossil Fuels
8Abundance Intl541Industrial & Commercial Services
9Accordia Golf TrADQUCyclical Consumer Services
10Accrelist LtdQZGTechnology Equipment
11Ace Achieve InfoA75Technology Equipment
12Acesian Partners5FWIndustrial & Commercial Services
13AcmaAYVIndustrial Goods
14Acromec43FIndustrial & Commercial Services
15Addvalue TechA31Technology Equipment
16AdvancedBLZEnergy - Fossil Fuels
17Advanced Systems5TYTechnology Equipment
18Advancer Global43QIndustrial & Commercial Services
19Adventus5EFIndustrial Goods
20AEIAWGMineral Resources
21AEMAWXTechnology Equipment
22AF GlobalL38Cyclical Consumer Services
23AGV1A4Mineral Resources
24AIMS APAC ReitO5RUReal Estate
25AIMS PropertyBVPReal Estate
26AliPictures HKDS91Cyclical Consumer Services
27Alita Resources40FMineral Resources
28Alliance HCMIJHealthcare Services
29Allied TechA13Industrial Goods
30Alpha Energy5TSEnergy - Fossil Fuels
31AmaraA34Cyclical Consumer Services
32AMOSRF7Industrial Goods
33Amplefield LtdAOFReal Estate
34AnAn IntlY35Energy - Fossil Fuels
35Anchor Resources43EMineral Resources
36Anchun IntlBTXIndustrial Goods
37AnnAikA52Mineral Resources
38Annica5ALEnergy - Fossil Fuels
39Aoxin Q & M1D4Healthcare Services
40AP Oil5AUChemicals
41APAC RealtyCLNReal Estate
42ARA HTrust USDXZLReal Estate
43Arion EntYYBCyclical Consumer Services
44Artivision Tech5NKSoftware & IT Services
45Ascendas ReitA17UReal Estate
46Ascendas-hTrustQ1PReal Estate
47Ascendas-iTrustCY6UReal Estate
48Ascott ReitA68UReal Estate
49Asia EnterprisesA55Mineral Resources
50Asia FashionBQICyclical Consumer Products
51Asia Vets5REHealthcare Services
52AsiaMedic505Healthcare Services
53AsiaMedic RFAWR
54Asian Healthcare1J3Healthcare Services
55Asian Micro585Industrial & Commercial Services
56Asian Pay Tv TrS7OUCyclical Consumer Services
57AsiaPhos5WVMineral Resources
58Asiatic5CRIndustrial Goods
59Asiatravel.com5AMSoftware & IT Services
60ASL MarineA04Industrial Goods
61Aspen1F3Real Estate
62AspialA30Real Estate
63Astaka42SReal Estate
64ASTI575Technology Equipment
65Atlantic Nav5ULEnergy - Fossil Fuels
66AusGroup5GJEnergy - Fossil Fuels
67AvargaU09Applied Resources
68Avi-TechBKYTechnology Equipment
69AVICO2IIndustrial & Commercial Services
70AVJennings A$A05Real Estate
71Axcelasia42UIndustrial & Commercial Services
72Ayondo1I5Banking & Investment Services
73AzeusBBWSoftware & IT Services
74B&M HldgCJNBanking & Investment Services
75Baker TechnologyBTPEnergy - Fossil Fuels
76Ban LeongB26Technology Equipment
77Banyan TreeB58Cyclical Consumer Services
78BBRKJ5Industrial & Commercial Services
79Beng KuangBEZIndustrial & Commercial Services
80Berlian LajuTankB66Transportation
81Best WorldCGNPersonal & Household Products & Services
82BH GlobalBQNIndustrial Goods
83BHG Retail ReitBMGUReal Estate
84Biolidics8YYHealthcare Services
85BlackGoldNatural41HEnergy - Fossil Fuels
86BlumontA33Industrial & Commercial Services
88Boldtek5VIReal Estate
89BonvestsB28Cyclical Consumer Services
90BousteadF9DIndustrial & Commercial Services
91Boustead ProjAVMIndustrial & Commercial Services
92BRC AsiaBECCyclical Consumer Products
93BreadTalkCTNCyclical Consumer Services
94Broadway IndB69Industrial Goods
95Brook CromptonAWCIndustrial Goods
96Bukit SembawangB61Real Estate
97Bumitama AgriP8ZFood & Beverages
98Bund CenterBTEReal Estate
99C&G Env ProtectD79
100Cache Log TrustK2LUReal Estate
101CacolaD2UCyclical Consumer Products
102Camsing HcBACRetailers
103CapitaCom TrustC61UReal Estate
104Capital World1D5Real Estate
105CapitaLandC31Real Estate
106CapitaMall TrustC38UReal Estate
107CapitaR China TrAU8UReal Estate
108CaptiiAWVTelecommunications Services
109CasaC04Cyclical Consumer Products
110CDL HTrustJ85Real Estate
111CDWBXETechnology Equipment
112CEIAVVTechnology Equipment
113CenturionOU8Real Estate
114CFM5EBIndustrial Goods
115CH OffshoreC13Energy - Fossil Fuels
117Charisma Energy5QTUtilities
119ChasWood Res5TWCyclical Consumer Services
120Chemical IndC05Chemicals
121Cheung WohC50Industrial Goods
122China AviationG92Energy - Fossil Fuels
123China Env5OUIndustrial & Commercial Services
124China Env ResRS1Industrial & Commercial Services
125China EssenceG54Food & Beverages
126China EverbrightU9EUtilities
127China FisheryB0ZFood & Beverages
128China GaoxianAZZCyclical Consumer Products
129China Great LandD50Cyclical Consumer Products
130China HaidaC92Mineral Resources
131China HongxingBR9Cyclical Consumer Products
132China IntlBEHIndustrial & Commercial Services
133China JishanJ18Cyclical Consumer Products
134China MiningBHDReal Estate
135China PaperC71Applied Resources
136China Real Estate5RAPersonal & Household Products & Services
137China Sky ChemE90Cyclical Consumer Products
138China SportsFQ8Cyclical Consumer Products
139China Star Food42WCyclical Consumer Products
140China TaisanAZWCyclical Consumer Products
141China YuanbangBCDReal Estate
142ChinaKangdaFoodP74Food & Beverages
143ChinaKundaTechGU5Automobiles & Auto Parts
145Chinese Global5CJIndustrial & Commercial Services
146Chip Eng SengC29Real Estate
147Choo Chiang42EIndustrial Goods
148Chuan HupC33Real Estate
149Citic EnvirotechCEEIndustrial & Commercial Services
150Citicode5FHMineral Resources
151CityDevC09Real Estate
152CivmecP9DIndustrial & Commercial Services
153Clearbridge1H3Healthcare Services
154CNA5GCIndustrial & Commercial Services
155CNMC Goldmine5TPMineral Resources
156Colex567Industrial & Commercial Services
157Combine WillN0ZCyclical Consumer Products
159CordlifeP8AHealthcare Services
161COSCO SHP SGF83Transportation
162CosmoSteelB9SMineral Resources
163Courage InvCINTransportation
164CPH539Technology Equipment
165CreativeC76Technology Equipment
166CromwellReit EURCNNUReal Estate
167CromwellReit SGDCSFU
168CSCC06Industrial & Commercial Services
169CSE Global544Software & IT Services
170CWX Global594Energy - Fossil Fuels
171DairyFarm USDD01Food & Drug Retailing
172Darco Water TechBLRIndustrial & Commercial Services
173Dasin Retail TrCEDUReal Estate
174Datapulse TechBKWTechnology Equipment
175DBSD05Banking & Investment Services
176Debao PropertyBTFReal Estate
177Del Monte PacD03Food & Beverages
178DelfiP34Food & Beverages
179Design StudioD11Retailers
180DISA532Industrial Conglomerates
181DLFKUXIndustrial & Commercial Services
182DragonMT1Industrial Goods
183DukangBKVFood & Beverages
184DutechCZ4Technology Equipment
185Duty Free Intl5SOTransportation
186Dyna-MacNO4Industrial Goods
187Dynamic ColoursD6UChemicals
188Eagle HTrust USDLIWReal Estate
189EC World ReitBWCUReal Estate
190EcoWise5CTIndustrial & Commercial Services
191Edition5HGFood & Beverages
192Eindec42ZIndustrial Goods
193Elec & Eltek USDE16Technology Equipment
194EllipsizBIXTechnology Equipment
195EMAS OffshoreUQ4
196Eneco EnergyR14Transportation
197EnGroS44Mineral Resources
198EnvictusBQDCyclical Consumer Services
199Enviro-HubL23Industrial & Commercial Services
201ES5RCIndustrial Goods
202ESR-REITJ91UReal Estate
203ETC Singapore1C0Real Estate
204EuroSports Gbl5G1Retailers
205ExcelpointBDFTechnology Equipment
206Ezion5MEEnergy - Fossil Fuels
207Ezra5DNEnergy - Fossil Fuels
208F & NF99Food & Beverages
209Fabchem ChinaBFTChemicals
210Falcon Energy5FLEnergy - Fossil Fuels
211Far East5TJIndustrial Goods
212Far East HTrustQ5TReal Estate
213Far East OrchardO10Cyclical Consumer Services
214Federal IntBDUEnergy - Fossil Fuels
215Figtree5F4Real Estate
216First ReitAW9UReal Estate
217First ResourcesEB5Food & Beverages
218First SponsorADNReal Estate
219FJ BenjaminF10Retailers
220Food EmpireF03Food & Beverages
221Forise IntlI5HIndustrial & Commercial Services
222FortressMineralsOAJMineral Resources
223FragranceF31Real Estate
224Frasers Com TrND8UReal Estate
225Frasers Cpt TrJ69UReal Estate
226Frasers HTrustACVReal Estate
227Frasers L&I TrBUOUReal Estate
228Frasers L&I Tr AUDBWQU
229Frasers PropertyTQ5Real Estate
230FrenckenE28Industrial Goods
231FSL TrustD8DUTransportation
232Fu YuF13Industrial Goods
233Fuji Offset508Industrial Goods
234Fujian Zhenyun5KTCyclical Consumer Products
235Full ApexBTYApplied Resources
236Fuxing ChinaAWKCyclical Consumer Products
237G InvacomQS9Technology Equipment
238G K GohG41Industrial & Commercial Services
239Gallant Venture5IGAutomobiles & Auto Parts
240GCCP41TMineral Resources
241GDS Global5VPCyclical Consumer Products
242Genting SingG13Cyclical Consumer Services
243Geo Energy ResRE4Energy - Fossil Fuels
245GLB16Cyclical Consumer Services
246Global Dragon586Real Estate
247Global InvB73Collective Investments
248Global Palm ResBLWFood & Beverages
249Global TestingAYNTechnology Equipment
250Golden Agri-ResE5HFood & Beverages
251Golden EnergyAUEEnergy - Fossil Fuels
252Goodland5PCReal Estate
253GP IndustriesG20Industrial Goods
254Grand BanksG50Cyclical Consumer Products
255Grand VentureJLBIndustrial Goods
256Great EasternG07Insurance
257Green BuildY06Food & Beverages
258GRPBLUCyclical Consumer Products
259GS Hldg43AIndustrial & Commercial Services
260GSHBDXCyclical Consumer Services
261GSS Energy41FIndustrial Goods
262Guoan IntlG11Industrial & Commercial Services
263GuocoLandF17Real Estate
264GYP PropertiesAWSReal Estate
265Hafary5VSCyclical Consumer Products
266Hai LeckBLHEnergy - Fossil Fuels
267Halcyon Agri5VJAutomobiles & Auto Parts
268HanwellDM0Applied Resources
269Hatten LandPH0Real Estate
270Haw ParH02
271HC Surgical1B1Healthcare Services
272HealthBank40BCyclical Consumer Services
273Healthway Med5NGHealthcare Services
274Heatec Jietong5ORCyclical Consumer Products
275Heeton5DPReal Estate
276Hengyang Petro5PDEnergy - Fossil Fuels
277HG MetalBTGMineral Resources
278Hi-PH17Industrial Goods
279Hiap Hoe5JKReal Estate
280Hiap Seng510Energy - Fossil Fuels
281Hiap Tong5POBanking & Investment Services
282HL Global EntAVXCyclical Consumer Services
283HMI588Healthcare Services
284Ho Bee LandH13Real Estate
285Hock Lian SengJ2TIndustrial & Commercial Services
286Hoe LeongH20Industrial Goods
287Hong FokH30Real Estate
288Hong Lai HuatCTOReal Estate
289Hong Leong AsiaH22Automobiles & Auto Parts
290Hong Leong FinS41Banking & Investment Services
291HongkongLand USDH78Real Estate
292Hor KewBBPIndustrial & Commercial Services
293Hosen5EVFood & Drug Retailing
294Hotel GrandH18Cyclical Consumer Services
295Hotel RoyalH12Cyclical Consumer Services
296Hotung InvBLSBanking & Investment Services
297HPH Trust SGDP7VU
298HPH Trust USDNS8UTransportation
299HPLH15Cyclical Consumer Services
300HRnetGroupCHZIndustrial & Commercial Services
301Hu An CableKI3Industrial Goods
302HuanHsinH16Industrial Goods
303Huationg Global41BIndustrial & Commercial Services
304Hwa HongH19Real Estate
306Hyphens Pharma1J5
307ICP Ltd5I4Mineral Resources
308IEV5TNEnergy - Fossil Fuels
309IFASTAIYBanking & Investment Services
310IFS CapitalI49Banking & Investment Services
311IHHQ0FHealthcare Services
312Imperium Crown5HTReal Estate
313Inch KennethI4RCyclical Consumer Services
314IncredibleRDRTechnology Equipment
315Indofood Agri5JSFood & Beverages
316InformaticsBOUPersonal & Household Products & Services
317InnoPacI26Real Estate
318InnoTekM14Technology Equipment
319Interra Resource5GIEnergy - Fossil Fuels
320Intl CementKUOMineral Resources
321IntracoI06Industrial & Commercial Services
322IP Softcom571Software & IT Services
323IPC CorpAZAReal Estate
324IPS Securex42NTechnology Equipment
325IREIT GlobalUD1UReal Estate
326ISDNI07Industrial Goods
327ISEC40THealthcare Services
329ISOTeam5WFIndustrial & Commercial Services
330IX Biopharma42C
331JackspeedJ17Automobiles & Auto Parts
332JadasonJ03Technology Equipment
333Japan Foods5OICyclical Consumer Services
334JapfaUD2Food & Beverages
335Jardine C&CC07Automobiles & Auto Parts
336Jason Marine5PFTechnology Equipment
337Jasper InvFQ7Energy - Fossil Fuels
338Jawala1J7Applied Resources
339JB FoodsBEWFood & Beverages
340JCG InvestmentVFPMineral Resources
341JEP1J4Industrial Goods
342JES IntlEG0Industrial Goods
343Jiutian ChemicalC8RChemicals
344JMH USDJ36Industrial Conglomerates
345Joyas IntlE9LCyclical Consumer Products
346JSH USDJ37Industrial Conglomerates
347JubileeNHDIndustrial Goods
348Jumbo42RCyclical Consumer Services
349Karin TechK29Technology Equipment
350Katrina1A0Cyclical Consumer Services
351Kencana AgriBNEFood & Beverages
352Keong Hong5TTIndustrial & Commercial Services
353Kep Infra TrA7RUUtilities
354KepPacOakReitUSDCMOUReal Estate
355Keppel CorpBN4Industrial Conglomerates
356Keppel DC ReitAJBUReal Estate
357Keppel ReitK71UReal Estate
358Khong GuanK03Food & Beverages
359KimHeng Offshore5G2Energy - Fossil Fuels
360Kimly1D0Cyclical Consumer Services
361King Wan554Industrial & Commercial Services
362KingsmenCreative5MZIndustrial & Commercial Services
363Kitchen Culture5TIRetailers
364KLW504Cyclical Consumer Products
365KodaBJZCyclical Consumer Products
366Koh BrosK75Industrial & Commercial Services
367Koh Eco5HVIndustrial & Commercial Services
368Koon5DLIndustrial & Commercial Services
369KOP5I1Cyclical Consumer Services
370Kori5VCIndustrial & Commercial Services
371KoufuVL6Cyclical Consumer Services
372Koyo Intl5OCIndustrial & Commercial Services
373KrisEnergySK3Energy - Fossil Fuels
374KS Energy578Industrial Goods
375KSHER0Industrial & Commercial Services
376KTL GlobalEB7Energy - Fossil Fuels
377KTMGXCFCyclical Consumer Products
378LafeAYBReal Estate
379Lasseters Intl5ELCyclical Consumer Services
380LCTBJLTechnology Equipment
381Leader EnvLS9Industrial & Commercial Services
382Lendlease ReitJYEU
383Ley ChoonQ0XIndustrial & Commercial Services
384LHN41OReal Estate
385LHTBEIApplied Resources
386Lian BengL03Industrial & Commercial Services
387Libra5TRIndustrial & Commercial Services
388LifeBrandz1D3Cyclical Consumer Services
389Linc EnergyBREEnergy - Fossil Fuels
390Lion AsiapacBAZMineral Resources
391LionGoldA78Mineral Resources
392Lippo Malls TrD5IUReal Estate
394Lorenzo Intl5IERetailers
395Low Keng HuatF1EIndustrial & Commercial Services
396Lum ChangL19Industrial & Commercial Services
397Lung Kee BermudaL09Industrial Goods
399Luzhou Bio-ChemL46Food & Beverages
400LY Corp1H8Cyclical Consumer Products
401M DevelopmentN14Mineral Resources
402Magnus Energy41SEnergy - Fossil Fuels
403Man Oriental USDM04Cyclical Consumer Services
404Manhattan ResL02Transportation
405ManulifeReit USDBTOUReal Estate
406Mapletree Com TrN2IUReal Estate
407Mapletree Ind TrME8UReal Estate
408Mapletree Log TrM44UReal Estate
409Mapletree NAC TrRW0UReal Estate
410MarcoPolo Marine5LYTransportation
411Maruwa Yen1kM12Technology Equipment
412Mary Chia5OXPersonal & Household Products & Services
413Matex IntlM15Chemicals
414Maxi-Cash Fin5UFRetailers
416MedinexOTXIndustrial & Commercial Services
417Medtecs Intl546Healthcare Services
419MeGroupSJYAutomobiles & Auto Parts
420Memories1H4Cyclical Consumer Services
421Memstar Tech5MSChemicals
422Mencast5NFEnergy - Fossil Fuels
423Mercurius5RFCyclical Consumer Products
424Mermaid MaritimeDU4Energy - Fossil Fuels
425Metal Component5DXMineral Resources
426Metech IntlV3MIndustrial & Commercial Services
428Mewah IntlMV4Food & Beverages
429MFG IntegrationM11Technology Equipment
430Micro-Mechanics5DDIndustrial Goods
431Midas5ENMineral Resources
432MindChampsCNEPersonal & Household Products & Services
433Mirach EnergyAWOFood & Beverages
434MiyoshiM03Technology Equipment
435MM2 Asia1B0Cyclical Consumer Services
436MMP ResourcesF3VIndustrial & Commercial Services
437MoneyMax Fin5WJRetailers
438Moya Asia5WEIndustrial & Commercial Services
439MS Hldgs40UIndustrial & Commercial Services
440MSCNPWMineral Resources
441MSM Intl5QRIndustrial Goods
442MTQM05Energy - Fossil Fuels
443Multi-ChemAWZTechnology Equipment
444Mun Siong EnggMF6Industrial & Commercial Services
445Murata Yen1kPJX
447Nam CheongN4EIndustrial Goods
448Nam Lee MetalG0ICyclical Consumer Products
449Natural Cool5IFIndustrial Goods
450NauticAWT42DEnergy - Fossil Fuels
451Neo5UJCyclical Consumer Services
452NeraTelN01Technology Equipment
453Net Pacific Fin5QYBanking & Investment Services
454NetLink NBN TrCJLUTelecommunications Services
455New SilkroutesBMTHealthcare Services
456New ToyoN08Applied Resources
457New Wave5FXMineral Resources
458NGSCB07Telecommunications Services
459Nico Steel5GFMineral Resources
460NippecraftN32Applied Resources
461No Signboard1G6Cyclical Consumer Services
462NobleCGPIndustrial & Commercial Services
463Noel Gifts Intl543Retailers
464Nomura Yen1kN33Banking & Investment Services
465NordicMR7Industrial Goods
466NSLN02Mineral Resources
467Ntegrator Intl5HCSoftware & IT Services
468NutryFarmAZTSoftware & IT Services
469OCBC BankO39Banking & Investment Services
470Ocean Sky Intl1B6Industrial & Commercial Services
471Oceanus579Food & Beverages
472OEL584Real Estate
473OKH GlobalS3NIndustrial & Commercial Services
474OKP5CFIndustrial & Commercial Services
475Olam IntlO32Food & Beverages
476Old Chang Kee5MLCyclical Consumer Services
477Olive Tree1H2Real Estate
478OneApex5SYReal Estate
479Ossia IntlO08Retailers
480OUELJ3Real Estate
481OUE Com ReitTS0UReal Estate
482OUE Lippo HC5WAHealthcare Services
483Ouhua EnergyAJ2Energy - Fossil Fuels
484Overseas EduRQ1Personal & Household Products & Services
485Oxley5UXReal Estate
486P5 Capital5AIIndustrial Goods
487Pacific AndesP11Food & Beverages
488Pacific CenturyP15Holding Companies
489Pacific RadianceT8VEnergy - Fossil Fuels
490Pacific Star Dev1C5Real Estate
491Pan Asian5EWUtilities
492Pan HongP36Real Estate
493Pan OceanAZYTransportation
494PanUnitedP52Mineral Resources
495Parkson RetailO9ERetailers
496ParkwayLife ReitC2PUReal Estate
497Pavillon596Cyclical Consumer Services
498PECIX2Energy - Fossil Fuels
499Penguin IntlBTMTransportation
500Perennial Hldgs40SReal Estate
501Pharmesis IntlBFK
502Pine CapADJBanking & Investment Services
503PlastoformAYDTechnology Equipment
504Plato Capital5PISoftware & IT Services
505PNE IndustriesBDAIndustrial Goods
507Pollux Prop5AEReal Estate
508POSHU6CEnergy - Fossil Fuels
509Powermatic DataBCYTechnology Equipment
510Prime US ReitUSDOXMUCollective Investments
511ProcurriBVQSoftware & IT Services
512Progen583Industrial & Commercial Services
513PropNexOYYReal Estate
514Prudential USDK6SInsurance
515PSLBLLIndustrial & Commercial Services
516Q&M DentalQC7Healthcare Services
517QAFQ01Food & Beverages
518Qian HuBCVFood & Beverages
519QT Vascular5I0Healthcare Services
520Raffles EduNR7Industrial & Commercial Services
521Raffles InfrastructureLUYIndustrial & Commercial Services
522Raffles MedicalBSLHealthcare Services
523Raffles UnitedK22Industrial Goods
524RE&S Hldg1G1Cyclical Consumer Services
525Reclaims GlobalNEXIndustrial & Commercial Services
526Reenova Investment5ECBanking & Investment Services
527Regal IntlUV1Real Estate
528Renaissance UnitedI11Technology Equipment
529Renewable Energy5DWIndustrial Goods
530Resources Prima5MMEnergy - Fossil Fuels
531RevezRCUSoftware & IT Services
532Rex Intl5WHEnergy - Fossil Fuels
533RH PetroGasT13Energy - Fossil Fuels
534RHT HealthTrustRF1UReal Estate
535Rich Capital5G4Mineral Resources
536RiverstoneAP4Healthcare Services
537Roxy-PacificE8ZReal Estate
538Ryobi KisoBDNIndustrial & Commercial Services
539Sabana ReitM1GUReal Estate
540Sakae5DOCyclical Consumer Services
541Samko TimberE6RApplied Resources
544Sanli Env1.00E+03Industrial & Commercial Services
545Santak580Industrial Goods
546SapphireBRDIndustrial & Commercial Services
547Sarine TechU77Industrial Goods
548Sasseur ReitCRPUReal Estate
550SBI Offshore5PLEnergy - Fossil Fuels
551SBS TransitS61Transportation
552Second Chance528Retailers
553Secura43BSoftware & IT Services
554Sembcorp IndU96Utilities
555Sembcorp MarineS51Industrial Goods
556Sen Yue5BSMineral Resources
557Serial SystemS69Industrial Goods
558Seroja InvIW5Transportation
559Serrano40RIndustrial & Commercial Services
561SGXS68Banking & Investment Services
562Shanghai TurboAWMIndustrial Goods
563Shangri-La HKDS07Cyclical Consumer Services
564Sheng SiongOV8Food & Drug Retailing
565ShinvestBJWIndustrial Goods
566Shopper3601F0Cyclical Consumer Services
567SHS566Industrial & Commercial Services
569SIA EngineeringS59Transportation
570SIIC EnvironmentBHKUtilities
571Silkroad NickelSTPMineral Resources
572Silverlake Axis5CPSoftware & IT Services
573Sim LeisureURRCyclical Consumer Services
574Sin Ghee HuatB7KMineral Resources
575Sin Heng MachBKAIndustrial Goods
576Sinarmas LandA26Real Estate
577Sincap5UNEnergy - Fossil Fuels
578Sing Inv & FinS35Banking & Investment Services
579Singapore O&G1D8Healthcare Services
580Singapore-eDev40VReal Estate
581SingaporeKitchen5WGCyclical Consumer Products
582SingHaiyi5H0Real Estate
583SingHoldings5ICReal Estate
584SingMedical5OTHealthcare Services
588SingShippingS19Industrial Goods
589SingTelZ74Telecommunications Services
590SingTel 10Z77
591Sinjia Land5HHCyclical Consumer Services
592Sino GrandnessT4BFood & Beverages
593Sino TechfibreAD8Cyclical Consumer Products
594SinoCloud5EKSoftware & IT Services
595SinopipeX06Cyclical Consumer Products
596Sinostar PecC9QEnergy - Fossil Fuels
597Sitra5LEApplied Resources
598SK Jewellery42GRetailers
599SLB Dev1J0Real Estate
600Soilbuild ConstS7PIndustrial & Commercial Services
601SoilbuildBizReitSV3UReal Estate
602Soon Lian5MDMineral Resources
603Soup Restaurant5KICyclical Consumer Services
604Southern PkgBQPApplied Resources
605SP CorpAWEIndustrial & Commercial Services
606Spackman40ECyclical Consumer Services
607SPHT39Cyclical Consumer Services
608SPHREITSK6UReal Estate
609Spindex Ind564Industrial Goods
610Spura FinanceS23Banking & Investment Services
611Sri Trang AgroNC2
612ST EngineeringS63Industrial Goods
613ST Group FoodDRXCyclical Consumer Services
614Stamford LandH07Cyclical Consumer Services
615Stamford TyresS29Automobiles & Auto Parts
616Starburst40DIndustrial & Commercial Services
617StarhillGbl ReitP40UReal Estate
618StarHubCC3Telecommunications Services
619Starland5UAReal Estate
620StracoS85Cyclical Consumer Services
621Straits TradingS20Mineral Resources
622StratechGroupBRRSoftware & IT Services
623SunMoonFoodAAJFood & Beverages
624Sunningdale TechBHQIndustrial Conglomerates
625Sunpower5GDIndustrial Goods
626SunrightS71Technology Equipment
627Sunrise Shares581Real Estate
628Suntar Eco-CityBKZ
629Suntec ReitT82UReal Estate
630SunVic ChemicalA7SChemicals
631SUTL EnterpriseBHUCyclical Consumer Services
632Swee HongQF6Industrial & Commercial Services
633SwiberBGKEnergy - Fossil Fuels
634Swing Media TechBEVTechnology Equipment
635Swissco HldgADPEnergy - Fossil Fuels
636SynagieV2YTelecommunications Services
637Synagie RYDHR
638Synagie R1SQSR
639Sysma5UOIndustrial & Commercial Services
640TAPA3Real Estate
641Tai Sin Electric500Industrial Goods
642TalkMed5G3Healthcare Services
643Tat Seng PkgT12Applied Resources
644TCIL HK$T15Retailers
645Tech Oil & Gas5CQEnergy - Fossil Fuels
646Teckwah561Industrial & Commercial Services
647TEE IntlM1ZIndustrial & Commercial Services
648TEE LandS9BReal Estate
649Teho Intl5OQIndustrial Goods
650TeleChoice IntlT41Technology Equipment
651ThaiBevY92Food & Beverages
652ThakralAWITechnology Equipment
653The Place HldgE27Cyclical Consumer Services
655Thomson MedicalA50Healthcare Services
656Tianjin ZX USDT14
657TIHT55Banking & Investment Services
658Tiong SengBFIIndustrial & Commercial Services
659Tiong WoonBQMIndustrial Goods
661Top GlobalBHOReal Estate
662Top GloveBVAHealthcare Services
663ToseiS2DReal Estate
664TranscorpT19Automobiles & Auto Parts
665Transit Concrete570Mineral Resources
667Trek 2000 Intl5ABTechnology Equipment
668Trendlines42TCyclical Consumer Services
669TrickleStarCYWIndustrial Goods
670Tritech5G9Industrial & Commercial Services
671TriyardsRC5Energy - Fossil Fuels
672TSHKUHCyclical Consumer Services
673TT IntlT09Retailers
674TTJK1QIndustrial & Commercial Services
675Tuan SingT24Real Estate
676Tung Lok Rest540Cyclical Consumer Services
677Tye SoonBFURetailers
678UG Healthcare41AHealthcare Services
679UICU06Real Estate
680UMS558Technology Equipment
681Uni-Asia GrpCHJReal Estate
682Union Gas1F2Utilities
683Union SteelBLAMineral Resources
684United EngineersU04Real Estate
685United FoodAZRFood & Beverages
686United Global43PEnergy - Fossil Fuels
687Universal ResBGOEnergy - Fossil Fuels
688UnUsUaL1D1Industrial & Commercial Services
689UOAEH5Real Estate
690UOBU11Banking & Investment Services
691UOB Kay HianU10Banking & Investment Services
693UOLU14Real Estate
694USP GroupBRSEnergy - Fossil Fuels
696ValueMaxT6IBanking & Investment Services
697ValuetronicsBN2Technology Equipment
698VentureV03Technology Equipment
699Versalink40NIndustrial & Commercial Services
700Vibrant GroupBIPTransportation
701VibroPowerBJDIndustrial Goods
702VibroPower RLVGR
703VibroPower R1IHAR
704VICOMV01Industrial & Commercial Services
705Vicplas Intl569Healthcare Services
706Viking Offshore557Energy - Fossil Fuels
707VividthreeOMKCyclical Consumer Services
708Wee HurE3BIndustrial & Commercial Services
709Willas-ArrayBDRTechnology Equipment
710Wilmar IntlF34Food & Beverages
711Wilton Resources5F7Mineral Resources
712Winas5CNIndustrial Goods
713Wing TaiW05Real Estate
714Wong Fong Ind1A1Industrial Goods
715World Class Gbl1.00E+06Real Estate
716World PrecisionB49Industrial Goods
717XMHBQFIndustrial Goods
718Y Ventures1F1Software & IT Services
719Yamada Green ResBJVFood & Beverages
720Yanlord LandZ25Real Estate
721Yeo Hiap SengY03Food & Beverages
722YHI IntlBPFAutomobiles & Auto Parts
723Yinda Infocomm42FTelecommunications Services
724Ying Li Intl5DMReal Estate
725Yoma StrategicZ59Real Estate
726YongmaoBKXIndustrial Goods
727YongnamAXBIndustrial & Commercial Services
728YorkshineMR8Mineral Resources
729Yunnan EnergyT43Technology Equipment
730YuuZoo NetworksAFCSoftware & IT Services
731YZJ Shipbldg CNYSO7
732YZJ Shipbldg SGDBS6Industrial Goods
733Zheneng JinjiangBWMIndustrial & Commercial Services
734Zhongmin Baihui5SRRetailers
735Zhongxin Fruit5EGFood & Beverages
736ZICO Hldgs40WBanking & Investment Services

Source:  The Singapore Stock Exchange 


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