The Complete List of BMO ETFs Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange

The Complete List of BMO ETFs Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange as of Jan, 2018 are listed below:

S.No.Fund NameTickerFund ClassFund Family
1BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETFZAGFixed IncomeBroad Market
2BMO Discount Bond Index ETFZDBFixed IncomeBroad Market
3BMO Ultra Short-Term Bond ETFZSTFixed IncomeUltra Short
4BMO Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF (Accumulating Units)ZST-LFixed IncomeUltra Short
5BMO Short Federal Bond Index ETFZFSFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
6BMO Short Federal Bond Index ETF (Accumulating)ZFS-LFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
7BMO Mid Federal Bond Index ETFZFMFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
8BMO Long Federal Bond Index ETFZFLFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
9BMO Real Return Bond Index ETFZRRFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
10BMO Short Provincial Bond Index ETFZPSFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
11BMO Short Provincial Bond Index ETF (Accumulating Units)ZPS-LFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
12BMO Mid Provincial Bond Index ETFZMPFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
13BMO Long Provincial Bond Index ETFZPLFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
14BMO Short-Term US Treasury Bond Index ETFZTSFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
15BMO Short-Term US Treasury Bond Index ETF (US Dollar Units)ZTS-UFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
16BMO Mid-Term US Treasury Bond Index ETFZTMFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
17BMO Mid-Term US Treasury Bond Index ETF (US Dollar Units)ZTM-UFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
18BMO Long-Term US Treasury Bond Index ETFZTLFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
19BMO Long-Term US Treasury Bond Index ETF (US Dollar Units)ZTL-UFixed IncomeGovernment Sector
20BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETFZCSFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
21BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF (Accumulating Units)ZCS-LFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
22BMO Mid Corporate Bond Index ETFZCMFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
23BMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETFZLCFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
24BMO Short-Term US IG Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETFZSUFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
25BMO Mid-Term US IG Corporate Bond Index ETFZICFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
26BMO Mid-Term US IG Corporate Bond Index ETF (US Dollar Units)ZIC-UFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
27BMO Mid-Term US IG Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETFZMUFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
28BMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETFZHYFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
29BMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Index ETFZJKFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
30BMO Floating Rate High Yield ETFZFHFixed IncomeCorporate Sector
31BMO Emerging Markets Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETFZEFFixed IncomeEmerging Markets
32BMO Laddered Preferred Share Index ETFZPREquityPreferred Equity
33BMO US Preferred Share Index ETFZUPEquityPreferred Equity
34BMO US Preferred Share Index ETF (US Dollar Units)ZUP-UEquityPreferred Equity
35BMO US Preferred Share Hedged to CAD Index ETFZHPEquityPreferred Equity
36BMO Monthly Income ETFZMIEquitySpecialty Income
37BMO Canadian High Dividend Covered Call ETFZWCEquitySpecialty Income
38BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETFZWBEquitySpecialty Income
39BMO Covered Call Utilities ETFZWUEquitySpecialty Income
40BMO Covered Call Dow Jones Industrial Average Hedged to CAD ETFZWAEquitySpecialty Income
41BMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETFZWHEquitySpecialty Income
42BMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF (US Dollar Units)ZWH-UEquitySpecialty Income
43BMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CAD ETFZWEEquitySpecialty Income
44BMO US Put Write ETFZPWEquitySpecialty Income
45BMO US Put Write ETF (US Dollar Units)ZPW-UEquitySpecialty Income
46BMO US Put Write Hedged to CAD ETFZPHEquitySpecialty Income
47BMO S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETFZCNEquityCanadian Market
48BMO Canadian Dividend ETFZDVEquityCanadian Market
49BMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETFZLBEquityCanadian Market
50BMO MSCI Canada Value Index ETFZVCEquityCanadian Market
51BMO Dow Jones Industrial Average Hedged to CAD Index ETFZDJEquityUS Market
52BMO S&P 500 Index ETFZSPEquityUS Market
53BMO S&P 500 Index ETF (US Dollar Units)ZSP-UEquityUS Market
54BMO S&P 500 Hedged to CAD Index ETFZUEEquityUS Market
55BMO MSCI USA High Quality Index ETFZUQEquityUS Market
56BMO US Dividend ETFZDYEquityUS Market
57BMO US Dividend ETF (US Dollar Units)ZDY-UEquityUS Market
58BMO US Dividend Hedged to CAD ETFZUDEquityUS Market
59BMO Low Volatility US Equity ETFZLUEquityUS Market
60BMO Low Volatility US Equity ETF (US Dollar Units)ZLU-UEquityUS Market
61BMO Low Volatility US Equity Hedged to CAD ETFZLHEquityUS Market
62BMO Shiller Select US Index ETFZEUSEquityUS Market
63BMO MSCI USA Value Index ETFZVUEquityUS Market
64BMO MSCI EAFE Index ETFZEAEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
65BMO MSCI EAFE Hedged to CAD Index ETFZDMEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
66BMO International Dividend ETFZDIEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
67BMO International Dividend Hedged to CAD ETFZDHEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
68BMO Low Volatility International Equity ETFZLIEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
69BMO Low Volatility International Equity Hedged to CAD ETFZLDEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
70BMO MSCI Europe High Quality Hedged to CAD Index ETFZEQEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
71BMO MSCI EAFE Value Index ETFZVIEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
72BMO MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETFZEMEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
73BMO Low Volatility Emerging Markets Equity ETFZLEEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
74BMO MSCI All Country World High Quality Index ETFZGQEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
75BMO China Equity Index ETFZCHEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
76BMO India Equity Index ETFZIDEquityGlobal/Emerging Market
77BMO Equal Weight Banks Index ETFZEBEquityCanadian Sector
78BMO Equal Weight Oil & Gas Index ETFZEOEquityCanadian Sector
79BMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETFZUTEquityCanadian Sector
80BMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETFZREEquityCanadian Sector
81BMO Equal Weight Industrials Index ETFZINEquityCanadian Sector
82BMO NASDAQ 100 Equity Hedged to CAD Index ETFZQQEquityUS Sector
83BMO Equal Weight U.S. Health Care Hedged to CAD Index ETFZUHEquityUS Sector
84BMO Equal Weight U.S. Banks Index ETFZBKEquityUS Sector
85BMO Equal Weight U.S. Banks Hedged to CAD Index ETFZUBEquityUS Sector
86BMO Global Infrastructure Index ETFZGIEquityGlobal Sector
87BMO Equal Weight Global Base Metals Hedged to CAD Index ETFZMTEquityGlobal Sector
88BMO Equal Weight Global Gold Index ETFZGDEquityGlobal Sector
89BMO Global Banks Hedged to CAD Index ETFBANKEquityGlobal Sector
90BMO Global Insurance Hedged to CAD Index ETFINSREquityGlobal Sector
91BMO Global Consumer Discretionary Hedged to CAD Index ETFDISCEquityGlobal Sector
92BMO Global Consumer Staples Hedged to CAD Index ETFSTPLEquityGlobal Sector
93BMO Junior Gold Index ETFZJGEquitySmall Cap Sector
94BMO Junior Oil Index ETFZJOEquitySmall Cap Sector
95BMO Junior Gas Index ETFZJNEquitySmall Cap Sector

Download Lists (Data as of Jan, 2018):

  1. The Complete List of BMO ETFs (in Excel)
  2. BMO ETFs Product Profiles Book (in pdf)


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  1. Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately we do not have any favorites there. I just complied that list a while ago when doing research.
    Good Luck Investing!


  2. Need some help?/
    What’s the ticket code for BMO Select Trust Equity Growth…or does it go by another name?

  3. Hello, thank you for posting this, we appreciate your website being interested in our exchange traded funds at BMO and communicating this out to your viewership. That said, the title says “The complete list” so we wanted to be sure that you know we have added a few more and are now over 70 ETFs within our suite. Here is a link for the complete list should you want to update your website.

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything re our products.

  4. Justin
    Thanks for the comment.

    Yes this page was supposed to list the complete list of BMO ETFs. But I haven’t updated it in while. I will visit the link you have provided this weekend and update the page so that users are able to review all the funds BMO offers now.

    If I have any questions I will contact you.


  5. Has BMO developed a ETF for canadian dividends .They were talking about it in January ,Larry Berman mentioned it on one of his shows. I have tried to find it, but no luke. Thanks

  6. Pls provide list of US equity ETFs in USD but trading on Canadian Exchanges in USD not in CAD. Thanks

  7. Unfortunately I currently do not have such a list.Please check the ETF providers site like iShares Canada. Let me try to create such a list of ETFs and post it in the future. Thanks for the comment.


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