The World’s Best Postal Services

The World’s Best National Postal Services according to a study by Universal Postal Union are shown in the chart below. Switzerland tops the ranking followed by France and Japan. Canadian postal service ranks below the USPS. This is not surprising since Canada Post is awful for customer service and finding a post office even in …

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The Digital Divide in ASEAN

Among the South East Asian countries, South Korea is the top country for internet usage and connectivity. Poorer countries like Myanmar, Indonesia and Loas have a long way to go in terms of internet infrastructure and usage. Click to enlarge Source: Finance & Development, IMF

Market Cap of Tech Companies vs. GDP of Countries

Some of the big tech companies are now bigger than some countries in terms of market capitalization. For example, the GDP of UK is about $2.2 Trillion. But the market caps of tech giants Amazon(AMZN), Microsoft(MSFT) and Apple(AAPL) combined now exceed UK’s GDP. Click to enlarge     Source: Profit from tech revolution through diversified index …

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Funny Map of Every European City: Chart

Every major European city seems to have a standard template in terms of design and attractions. Usually there are the following: a river, clock tower, church or churches, an old town, a railway station, a park, a main thoroughfare like the La Rambla in Barcelona, a square, etc. The following chart is a funny take …

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