Notes on EU Automotive Sector Employment

The Automotive industry is one of the important industries in the European Union(EU). The industry provides millions of well-paid jobs and is critical to the economy of some countries such as Germany. In this post let’s take a look at some of the fascinating employment-related facts about this industry.

According to the The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the auto industry accounts for 12.7 jobs in the EU. This includes 2.6 million direct and 10.2 million indirect jobs. In terms of total manufacturing jobs, the industry directly provides 8.5% of all EU manufacturing jobs. In a few East European countries and Germany this figure is even higher as shown in the chart below:

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Source: The Automobile Industry, Pocket Guide 2022/2023

The following graph shows the overall split of the 12.7 million jobs:

Source: The Automobile Industry, Pocket Guide 2022/2023

Below are a few other key points about the EU auto industry:

  • The auto industry accounts for almost 7% of all EU jobs
  • Automotive employment increased by 14% over the past five years
  • 11.5% of all EU manufacturing jobs are in the auto sector
  • A total of 3.5 million people work in automotive manufacturing in the EU
  • Germany has the highest number of people employed in auto manufacturing with over 916,000 followed by Poland, Czech Republic and Romania in 2019

Many other facts can be found in the above linked report.

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