The National Debt Mountain in Perspective: Infographic

The Gross Federal Debt of the United States crossed $30.0 Trillion in February of this year. This mountain of debt is bound to grow as additional freebies are handed out by the Federal government including the recent student loan forgiveness program. For an average American anything more than a million is all numbers with lots …

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US Equity Bear Markets and Continuous Long-Term Growth: Chart

Bear markets are often the best time to invest in equities. This is because bull markets follow bear markets always. Bear markets can be considered as the duration when excesses of the previous bull markets are washed off. The following is an awesome chart that shows the US bear market lengths and the overall rise …

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The Power of Regular Contributions: An Australian Example

Regular periodic contributions in equities can generate spectacular wealth especially over the long-term. The following chart shows the power of regular contribution. The difference in returns is indeed astonishing due to the regular investing and the effects of compounding: Click to enlarge Source: Vanguard Australia Related ETF: iShares MSCI Australia ETF (EWA) Disclosure: No Positions

Update on PetroChina ADS Termination

On Aug 12, 2022 Chinese state-owned oil major PetroChina Company Limited (PTR) announced plans to delist its ADS from the NYSE. The depository BNY Mellon has published the termination notice. According to this notice, the ADR will be terminated effective Monday, Oct 17, 2022. An excerpt from the notice: Under the terms of the Deposit …

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