China’s Energy Composition 2011 To 2020: Chart

Coal is still one of the major sources of energy for many countries despite the growth of renewable energy sources. For example, China and India are to of the largest consumers of coal. Rising coal prices in the global market could negatively impact China’s economic growth. Though the country is the world’s largest coal producer, China depends on coal imports to help meet its energy needs according to an article at Deutsche Welle. Currently coal accounts for about 60% of China’s energy consumption. The Top 10 countries with the most coal-fired plants are shown in the chart below. After China, the US has the send highest number of coal plants at 286 followed by India.

Source: Coal crunch: Asia faces winter of discontent, DW

Though coal is the major source of energy in China, the renewable sources for energy is also increasing year after year. Non-fossil fuel energy has increased to 15.9% of installed capacity in 2020, up 8.5% form 2005 according to a white paper titled “Responding to Climate Change: China’s Policy and Actions” published by the State Council Information Office.

China’s Energy Mix 2011 to 2020:

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China’s Non-fossil energy power generation composition:

Source: Graphic: China’s efforts in fighting climate change, China Daily


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