US Direct Auto Supplier Manufacturing Employment by State: Chart

The US auto parts industry is the second most important industry after the auto manufacturing industry. Direct employment by auto parts suppliers was over 907,000 in 2019. When indirect jobs are included the total reached out 4.8 million jobs in that year according to a report by Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Mid-western states have the largest auto parts employment with Michigan as the top state for auto parts supplier employment followed by Ohio and Indiana. The top 10 states accounted for 67% of total direct employment and the top account for 88% of the total. Obviously Alaska and Hawaii rank the last in auto parts employment.

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SourceUS Labor & Economic Impact of Vehicle Supplier Industry 2019CY Final Report for Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, December 2020 2.0, MEMA

In a future post we will look at the auto parts employment figures in Mexico.

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