Knowledge is Power: International Stocks, Dividend Stocks, Cognitive Bias Edition

US stocks are performing well so far this year. Unlike last year value stocks such as utilities are increasing. Despite the hype of the “Roaring 20s” style recovery caution is warranted. For example, millions of people are not waiting to jump on a ship or a so called “petri dish” of covid last year. Similarly people can only eat so many times in restaurants. Its not like most Americans are going to go out every day for every meal and eat in restaurants. The astonishing growth in restaurant stocks since early last year seems to reflect this scenario. Besides most of the food sold by fast food joints and restaurant chains are not healthy anyway. So on top of the “pandemic pounds” people have gained it is not exactly rocket science to think that people will crowd the restaurants like there is no tomorrow.

From potential rise in interest rates to rising inflation risks are far higher this year to the equity market than last year. Companies such as P&G have announced coming price increases. Prices of gasoline, food, essentials, etc. have already increased. With that said, below are some interesting reads:

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