Wuhan is a Hot Tourism Destination Again: Video

Wuhan, China was the original epicenter of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. It was first traced there in December, 2019. On January 23, 2020 China imposed a strict lockdown on Wuhan. The lockdown ended on April 8, 2020. From the start of the pandemic till today the whole of China has 94,183 cases and 4,634 deaths according to NYTimes data.

Compared to China, the US death count stands at 218,924 and infected cases 8,122,865 as per the latest figures. The question on everyone’s mind is not just why the US totally lost control of the virus but more importantly when will it end.

Below is an interesting WSJ video of how Wuhan has emerged as a hot tourist destination again. The rapid transformation of Wuhan from ground-zero of Coronavirus to hosting the largest number number of domestic tourists in just a few months is shocking to say the least.

Source: WSJ

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