Why Fines Have Negligible Impact On Companies

When companies are fined by the government for violating some laws or regulations the goal is to change their behavior. While the goal is noble, very rarely fines have the desired effect on firms. This is because fines imposed are tiny compared to how much a firm makes in profits or has in the bank. …

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The Five Worst U.S. Bear Markets Since 1973: Chart

Markets have become more volatile in recent weeks as fears of a recession grows. Trade war and other factors continue to add more fuel to the fire. In this scenario, it is important to be better prepared for the future. The following chart shows the five worst bear markets in the past 45 years: Click …

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Business Cycle Phases and Sector Performance

During the different phases of a business cycle, the performance of different sector varies. For instance, during recessions, consumer staples, utilities and health care tend to perform better. In periods of economic expansions,tech, financials, real estate and consumer discretionary perform well. The following graph shows the four phases of business cycle and the sector preferred …

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How Does Gold Perform During Recessions ?

Investors tend to seek safe haven assets during periods of economic contractions.During the last three recessions, gold easily outperformed stocks and also bonds as shown in the chart below: click to enlarge Source: The pros and cons of gold, Blackrock Related ETF: SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) Disclosure: No Positions