Knowledge is Power: Top 10 Global Dividend Payers, German Economy, Singapore Stocks Edition

The S&P 500 is up by about 13% YTD. Greece has become one of the best performing markets this year with Athens Stock Exchange General Index soaring nearly 36%.

Over 32 people are dead in mass shootings in 2 days this month. Instead of focusing on important things, we have already moved on to buying Greenland. Somewhere in the internet it was mentioned that this buy is to acquire great mineral deposits. Well if we really need great natural resources first we have to buy Canada and then Australia. Finally we have to buy the ultimate resource-rich nation – Russia. Putin may be more than happy to do a deal on our terms. After all these acquisitions, if China offers a even better deal we might as well sell ourselves to China. And then all this trade war drama will be unnecessary. 🙂

With that prediction, here are some interesting reads for the weekend:

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