Animated Population Pyramid of the USA: Chart

The population of the US in 1960 was 186 million. The population gradually increased each year and reached 327 million in 2018. By 2060, it is projected to exceed 403 million.

From an article I wrote back in 2016:

In 1950, the population of Russia was about just over 100 million. Since then it has not not even increased by 50%. The U.S. population in 1950 was about 150 million. From that year the population has soared by more than 100% to 324 million now. So the rate of population growth in the US is much higher than Russia.

In 2017, the population of Russia was 144 million. Compared to that figure, the US population is currently more than double.Similar to Russia, the US is blessed with vast lands that can potentially accommodate the additional population but resources are getting scarce.

I came across the below animated population pyramid of the US from 1960 to 20160:




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