The Major Goods Trading Partners With The US: Chart

China is the top trading partner with the US. Neighbors Canada and Mexico are the second and third major trading countries followed by Japan, Germany, etc. Updated: 12/23/2019 Click to enlarge Source: Macroeconomic and Foreign Exchange Policies of Major Trading Partners of the United States, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, April 2018

India’s Sensex Reached A New Record High

The Indian equity market is on fire with the benchmark BSE Sensex index reaching a new record high yesterday. The index rose 352 points or 0.95% to reach 37,336. Sustained capital inflows and India’s insulated economy from the impacts of Trump’s trade wars are fueling the surge in stocks. In dollar terms, the Sensex is up …

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Two Key Differences Between S&P Emerging BMI and MSCI Emerging Markets Indices

The three largest index providers in the world are S&P DJI, MSCI, and FTSE Russell. For emerging markets, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index is the most popular and widely used benchmark globally. Though MSCI and S&P indices are similar there are significant differences between the indices offered by these companies. It is important to understand these …

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Why Invest In Emerging Market Bank Stocks

Emerging market banks offer distinct advantages over their developed world peers. Other than the obvious diversification benefits, banks in the developing countries tend to have higher growth and profitability rates leading to much better share price appreciations. For instance, in most developing markets a few banks dominate the industry and hence have higher pricing power. …

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