The US Has The Highest Obesity Rate Among OECD Member Countries

The growing epidemic of Obesity is one of the major challenges facing member countries according to a new report published by the OECD. Obesity rates have continued to rise in the past decade and today nearly half of the adults in the OECD region are obese. According to their data, nearly one in three adults in the US and Mexico are obese.

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Source:We must tackle the growing burden of obesity, OECD

The economic and health impacts of obesity is huge.Billions of dollars are wasted in the US healthcare system as a result of this issue.Fundamental changes in the society and economy is needed in order to get rid of this epidemic. For example, it would be better if purveyors if sugary software drinks go out of business or their sale severely restricted. But then again, it cannot happen as it is a free country and any company can sell anything as long as it is legal. The burden then falls on the individual to protect themselves from such and other harmful products like energy drinks that may be staring at them at the grocery store or at the fast food joint or at a vending machine in a gym.

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