Apple’s Supply Chain: An Example Of Challenges Of Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back To The U.S

I came across the following cool infographic showing the difficulty of manufacturing jobs back to the US. From the AB article:

In this infographic, we show how a sample of nine companies from Apple’s supply chain represent $122 billion in assets and 525,000 employees, all of which would need to be relocated to bring iPhone manufacturing back to the US. And the chain gets even more complex the further down it you go. Below these nine are even more layers of component and subcomponent suppliers outside the US, which could triple the costs and further complicate the logistical challenges of relocation.

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Source: Homeward Bound? A Challenging Journey for US Manufacturing, Alliance Bernstein, Mar 14, 2017


Global iPhone Supply Chain

Source: The Hindu BusinessLine

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) is the world’s most valuable company with market cap exceeding $742.0 billion.

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