Knowledge is Power: Globalisation, Car Habbit, Emerging Markets Edition

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  1. Railroad Stocks 2015: Guide to Rail Stocks & Investments
  2. Travelling on the Trans-Siberian in style: wi-fi, gyms, libraries, restaurant carriages, children’s playrooms – even arrange for your own carriage to be attached to the train
  3. The Art of Doing Nothing
  4. Deducting a Loss in an IRA « The Investment Conversation
  5. REITs Review: Looking Beyond the Price Tag – Context | AB
  6. Is It Too Late to Catch the Emerging-Market Rally? – Context | AB
  7. Why are so many active funds underperforming? – Citywire Money
  8. FTSE 100 Index – Wikipedia
  9. America’s road trip: will the US ever kick the car habit? | Cities | The Guardian
  10. Why Aren’t Americans Getting Raises? Blame the Monopsony – WSJ
  11. With Trump, no hope for change – Livemint
  12. Taking aim at the establishment: Why some of Europe’s top leaders are walking dead – World – CBC News
  13. Fines Alone Won’t Deter Corporate Crime – Bloomberg View
  14. My journeys in Trumpland | US news | The Guardian
  15. US elections: How slogans can make or break a candidate – Livemint
  16. Kenneth R. French – Data Library
  17. Solving Canada’s Innovation Problem ·
  18. How many US manufacturing jobs were lost to globalisation? | FT Alphaville
  19. ‘Democracy was hijacked. It got a bad name’: the death of the post-Soviet dream | World news | The Guardian
  20. BBC – Autos – Inside the world’s longest rail tunnel
  21. Five things that could turn a good stock into a great stock | Financial Post
  22. Why globalisation, as we know it, is dead | Business Line
  23. Why Many Young Russians See a Hero in Putin
  24. Justin Trudeau: ‘Globalisation isn’t working for ordinary people’ | World news | The Guardian
  25. 16 Best Foreign Movies on Netflix Ranked and Reviewed
  26. Comparing Health Systems – UK NHS Performance | The Nuffield Trust
  27. A public option for banking | Al Jazeera America
  28. Germany axed tuition fees – but is it working out? | World news | The Guardian
  29. The Brazilian Doctors Who Sounded the Alarm on Zika and Microcephaly – WSJ
  30. Health Care’s Continental Divide – Bloomberg View
  31. After Living in Norway, America Feels Backward. Here’s Why. –

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