The World’s Top 10 Fastest Trains

The world’s fastest train is the Maglev train of Japan. It runs upto 374 miles per hour and will be launched in 2027. The 2nd and 3rd fastest trains are the Shanghai maglev  at 268 mph and Harmony at 236 mph in China. Other high-speed trains include the iCE train in Germany, Talgo of Spain, Italo of Italy and TGV of France.

Photos of Japan Maglev Train:




In comparison, the the fastest train in the US is the Acela Express. It has a top speed of world-class just 150 mph and runs between Boston and Washington. The distance covered is only 456 miles. The reasons why the capitalist US woefully lags communist China and socialist Europe in hi-speed rail networks remains an unsolved mystery.

For more details on the top high-speed trains in the world checkout World’s top 10 fastest trains at China Daily site.

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