The Global Wealth Pyramid 2016

Credit Suisse recently published its annual the Global Wealth Report for this year, The below chart shows the The Global Wealth Pyramid 2016:

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Source: Global Wealth Report 2016, Credit Suisse

The majority of the world’s population or about 3.5 billion people (73% of total adults) have less $10,000 in wealth. The top of the pyramid or 0.7% of the total population holds wealth of more than $1 million. Collectively this tiny group holds about half of the global wealth or about $116 Trillion.

The last time I posted this pyramid was in 2011 when the Occupy movement was popular in the US. Since then the movement has withered away into the oblivion. As more and more wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, the majority of the population is forced to work as serfs or wage slaves in most countries for low wages.


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