How Big Is The World’s Largest Ship?

The World’s largest ship is the Maersk Triple-E. This ship is larger than the Statue of Liberty, Boeing 747, Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument.

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Mega Ships Compare

Here are some pictures of this mega ship;



maersk triple-e ship

Listed below are a few fascinating facts about Triple E:

  • It can carry 18,000 twenty-foot containers. Laid end-to-end they will reach a length of 110km.
  • It is 400 meters long i.e. over 1,312 feet long.
  • Top speed is 23 knots.
  • Larger than the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise which is 341 meters long.
  • It normally requires 22 crew members to operate but can be operated with only 13 if needed.


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