Knowledge is Power: Good Companies, Japan Stocks, Europe Outlook Edition

Retiring: Finding, and Battling, Hidden Costs of 401(k) Plans (NY Times)

Invest in good companies, don’t pay too much for them, and then do nothing: Why Fundsmith boss takes the slow road (This is Money)

The economist who beat Thomas Piketty ( Live Mint)

Don’t forfeit 50% of inherited Roth IRA to the IRS (MarketWatch)

27 stocks that could benefit from lower oil prices (Financial Post)

The remarkably cheap market Ben Willis couldn’t ignore (Trustnet)

Germany’s east still lags behind (Deutsche Welle)

Japanese Stock Market Could Get a Boost from Pension Investments (Charles Schwab)

A positive outlook for Europe (Invesco Perpetual, UK)

Does Stock Picking Still Work in Emerging Markets? (Alliance Bernstein)

Pakistan Stock market

Source: Chart of the week: Pakistan’s surprisingly resilient stocks (MoneyWeek)

Halloween 2014 PumpkinHalloween 2014 – Pumpkins


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