Knowledge is Power: Spain, Emerging Markets, Mighty Ships Edition

Stocks to avoid: The FTSE companies in “terminal decline” (FE Trustnet)

How Big Are Emerging Markets? (Mark Mobius)

Spain is on the road to recovery, but challenges remain to ensure sustainable, inclusive growth, says OECD (OECD)

Three Things to Know About Gold ETFs (Canadian Investment Review)

 How to jumpstart the Eurozone economy (Vox)

What’s happened to Sony? (News Limited)

Are You Really Diversified? (Charles Schwab)

Economic growth: Two-speed Latin America (Euromoney)

Why you may need more international stock (Fidelity)

Mighty Ships (@ Wikipedia)

Palin’s Travels (Site of Traveler and Author Michael Palin)

10 things you should know before going to a German restaurant (Deutsche Welle)

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana Beach, Dominican Republic

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