Knowledge is Power: Cash, Gini, RBC’s Top 30 Stocks List Edition

Five reasons to buy emerging markets next year (FE Trustnet)

Chart of the week: will buying the benchmark give you global exposure? (MoneyWeek)

Ho, ho, ho! How stock markets look set for 2014 (CityWire)

Who Let the Gini Out? (IMF)

Investment after crises: Asia 15 years later (VOX)

The backlash against the BRICs backlash (The Economist Blog)

Chenai and the chocolate factory (Le Monde)

Why a housing bubble is good (but maybe bad for you) (CBC)

8 Canadian stocks make RBC’s top 30 list (Financial Post)

European banking sector: Finally heading for better times? (DB Research)

Inside investment: Cash is a strategic asset (EuroMoney)

Searching Globally for Next Technology Leaders (T.Rowe Price)


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