Knowledge is Power: Sensex 21000, Piling into Stocks, African Banks Edition

21,000, but who’s counting? (The Hindu Business Line)

Why U.S. Dollar Will Remain World’s Reserve Currency, Despite Political Brinkmanship (Charles Schwab)

Investors pile into Spanish recovery (EuroMoney)

Investors pile into Argentine stocks (beyondbrics)

Can the Goldilocks sweet spot continue? (Fidelity)

5 reasons to love dividends (Financial Post)

Africa’s Top 200 Banks 2013 (The Africa Report)

Missing Workers: The Missing Part of the Unemployment Story (EPI)

Going Defensive? 3 Things to Consider First (BlackRock)

The most successful British privatisations of all time (Trustnet)

World’s Safest Banks in Asia 2013 (Global Finance)

‘If you build it, they will come’ – Russia’s financial field of dreams (RT)

Europe Is Emerging Market as Germany to Greece Recover (Bloomberg)

EU-CompetitiveSource: DB Research


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