Knowledge is Power: Emerging Markets, Mercantilism, Bad Jobs Edition

Is the bullish U.S. stock story about to change (The Star)

Why commodity markets are in for a rude awakening (MacClean’s )

Privatisation in the euro area: Differing attitudes towards public assets (Deutsche Bank Research)

Good jobs, bad jobs (OECD Insights)

Three Scenarios for Brazil (Global Finance)

Could emerging market turmoil delay tapering until 2014? – Erica Alini (Canadian Business)

What was mercantilism? (The Economist)

The Netherlands’ prolonged slump (MoneyWeek)

Making the most of those times when markets over-react (Financial Post)

As growth stutters in emerging markets… Is now the time to pick up a bargain? (This is Money)




American Falls, U.S.A.

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