Knowledge is Power: Snakes and Ladders, European Equities, America Edition

Snakes and Ladders: Investment Banking on the Brink (Der Spiegel)

Olive: The car rules once more  (The Star)

How to Invest in Bank Stocks via ETFs? (Top US Stocks)

Programmer Bob who outsourced his job was a model modern employee  (The Guardian)

INVESTMENT EXTRA: How you could bag a stylish return by investing in small firms (This is Money)

Canada’s Dutch Disease diagnosis flawed, study says (Financial Post)

Ladies and gentlemen, the U.S. housing market really is back (Macleans)

Strengthening Euro Area banks (OECD)

European funds set for “15 per cent return” in 2013  (Trustnet)

Faber: I’m still holding onto European equities (CityWire, UK)

Country risk: The safest and riskiest European banking sectors (Euromoney)

America on the rebound (Canadian Business)

2013 Outlook: Less risk, less reward (The Asset)


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