Knowledge is Power: Tesco’s Exit, Onions, Humanity Edition

‘Limits to Growth’ Author Dennis Meadows’ –  Humanity Is Still on the Way to Destroying Itself’ (Der Spiegel)

2012 Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings (Platts)

Knowing your onions in New York (The Hindu)

Top Russian companies (RT)

ALEX BRUMMER: Tesco’s foolish retreat from the US marketplace (This is Money)

Why Argentina is now paying for its dangerously successful economic story (The Guardian)

Scotia’s international bank a shelter in hard times (Financial Post)

This is like Shenzen in 1979 (MoneyWeek)

Investing internationally? Look beyond a country’s growth (The Globe and Mail)

Coombs: The only way is up in 2013 (Trustnet)

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The National Library of Belarus, Minsk

Photo Credit: English Russia

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