Country Indices Annual Returns from 2001 to 2010

The periodic table of investment returns for country indices annual returns from 2001 to 2010 are shown in the chart below:

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Source: Skloff Financial Group

Some observations:

  • In the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008, the BRIC countries were some of the hardest hit countries with the Russian market loosing nearly 74%. However in 2009, Brazil, India and Russia were the three best performing markets.
  • Though the crisis originated in the U.S. European and Canadian markets went down more than US markets in 2008.
  • For many years during the period shown, Brazilian stocks performed very well earning double-digit returns for investors. Similarly commodity-rich Australia has been a consistent performer in most of the years.
  • While the U.S. market held up well in 2008, the performance of the US markets was average in the majority of years.

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