The Top Five Trade Partners of Japan

Japan has the 3rd largest economy after the U.S. and China with a GDP of $5.4 Trillion in 2010.  The country has a population of just 126 million and the per capita GDP is high at $39,727 in 2009. However public debt as a percentage of GDP is very high at 194.7% in 2009. Tax revenues account for about 28% of the GDP.

The graphic below shows Japan’s Top Trade Partners in 2009

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Similar to many other countries China is the largest trade partner of Japan accounting for about one-fifth of all imports and exports in 2009.

The graphic below shows Japan’s Top Commodity Group Exports and Imports in 2009

Japan consistently runs a trade surplus since its exports are higher than imports.

Source: Japan’s Top Trade Partners, Federal Statistical Office, Germany

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