10 Foreign Stocks Under $10

The following 10 foreign stocks have stock prices under $10:

1.Company:Telecom Corporation of New Zealand (NZTCY)
Current Stock Price: $9.74
Country:New Zealand

2.Company:Aegon (AEG)
Current Stock Price: $6.63
Sector: Life Insurance
Country: The Netherlands

3.Company: Sappi (SPP)
Current Stock Price: $5.14
Sector:Forestry & Paper
Country: South Africa

4.Company:Bbva French Bank (BFR)
Current Stock Price: $8.82
Sector: Banking
Country: Argentina

5.Company:Grupo Radio Centro (RC)
Current Stock Price: $8.65
Sector: Media
Country: Mexico

6.Company: Cemex  (CX)
Current Stock Price: $8.37
Sector: Construction & Materials
Country: Mexico

7.Company: Edenor  (EDN)
Current Stock Price: $8.85
Sector: Electric Utility
Country: Argentina

8.Company:Alumina (AWC)
Current Stock Price: $9.64
Sector: Industrial Metals&Mining
Country: Australia

9.Company:Enel SpA (ENLAY)
Current Stock Price: $6.70
Sector: Utility
Country: Italy

10.Company:Turkiye Garanti Bankasi AS (TKGBY)
Current Stock Price:$4.47
Sector: Banking
Country: Turkey

Italian utility Enel Spa(ENLAY) has a $63 billion market cap and a 7.59% dividend yield.Mexico’s Cemex is one of the large global manufacturers with operations in many countries.

Note: Prices mentioned above are as of May 26, 2011

Disclosure: No positions

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