Top 50 Asian Business Blogs

I came across this list of 50 best blogs for following Asian business:

Asian Business

These blogs cover a wide range of countries and topics when it comes to business.

  1. AsiaBizBlog: Follow along with the latest news related to business in China and other Asian nations on this blog.
  2. Eye on Asia: This Bloomberg Businessweek blog is a great, authoritative source for commentary on everything Asian business.
  3. Asia Business Media: Mark Cochrane of Business Strategies Group in Hong Kong reports on Asian business to business news here.
  4. Asianbiz: Keep up with sports, technology, business and culture news out of Asia with this blog.
  5. Asia Unbound: The Council on Foreign Relations maintains this great blog, full of the economic and political news you need to know about Asia.
  6. CNN Asia News Stream: CNN correspondent Kristie Lu Stout provides a steady stream of Asian business news on this blog.
  7. Blog of Asia: From business news to how to get around as a visitor in Thailand, you’ll find a bevy of great articles here.
  8. BBC Asia Business: Get your Asian business news from an authoritative source, the BBC, through this blog.


Learn more about the business and economic spheres in China through these blogs.

  1. China Business Blog and Podcast: Whether you like to read your news or listen to it, you’ll find some great information on doing business in China here.
  2. Asia Business Intelligence: This Chinese business blog focuses on the technology markets, from green energy to mobile phone developers.
  3. China Business Services: Through this consulting firm’s blog, you can read some interesting posts about what it’s really like doing business in China.
  4. China Law Blog: Curious about Chinese law that might affect your business? This blog is the place to find answers.
  5. China Business Blog: Visit this blog to find news and information about Chinese business.
  6. Larry Salibra: Learning another language can invaluable to a businessperson, something this entrepreneur in the language learning and tech industries knows very well. On his blog, you’ll find updates about Chinese language, entrepreneurship and much more.
  7. China Hearsay: You’ll find great commentary on Chinese law, business and economics from lawyer Stan Abrams here.
  8. ChinaSolved: Learn more about effective management strategies for working overseas in China through this blog.
  9. China Dialogue: With articles in both Chinese and English, this blog can be a great resource for learning about not only the business world of China but its culture and politics as well.
  10. Managing the Dragon: Check out this blog to read some great articles about being a manager in China as well as commentary on the business world in general.
  11. The China Observer: If it’s related to Chinese business, economy and consumerism, you’ll find it on this blog, a great resource to anyone working or planning to work in or with the country.
  12. China Economics Blog: Written by an academic economist, this blog is a trusted place to get insights into the Chinese economy and its impact on the world.


These blogs are a great place to learn about Indian economics, technology and business.

  1. India Business Blog: Stay in the loop when it comes to all the latest news in Indian business with a little help from this blog.
  2. You’ll get some great access to articles about the Indian economy here.
  3. Squamble: From management strategies to investing in India, you’ll get a wide range of business blogs posts here that can help you become more knowledgeable.
  4. Indianomics: Sriram Vadlamani, an IT professional working in India, shares his insights into the tech market in India.
  5. The Big Picture: Professor of Finance and Accounting, TT Ram Mohan, shares his thoughts on everything India here.
  6. Ajay Shah’s Blog: Find updates about a wide range of Indian economic and finance issues here.
  7. Capital Mind: Follow the markets, trading and finance world in India through this blog.
  8. One Million by One Million: Follow Sramana Mitra, a leading Indian entrepreneur, through this blog.
  9. The Startup Guy: Find out more about startups in India with a little help from Vijay Anand.
  10. Atanu Dey on India’s Development: From politics to business investments, you can learn more about the growing and changing face of India’s economy here.
  11. Blogworks: If you’re more interested in the role Indian businesspeople are playing on the web, check out this blog to learn more about social media, marketing and public relations.


Japan’s economy is one of the biggest in the world. Check out these blogs to learn more about Japanese business and more.

  1. Japan Economy News & Blog: Make sure you always know what’s going on in Japanese business by following this great blog.
  2. Japan Inc: From diversity in the workplace to investing in Japanese real estate, this blog covers all the basics of Japanese business.
  3. Japan Trends: Planning on marketing and selling a product in Japan? Keep up with the latest trends here.
  4. Japan Intercultural Consulting: If you’re an American businessperson working in Japan, this blog is a must-read to better understand how business works there and examine cultural faux pas you don’t want to make.
  5. Japan Economy Blog: Follow the ups and downs of the Japanese economy with commentary from Edward Hugh on this blog.

Other Countries

If you’re interested in exploring some other Asian countries’ business, these blogs can help, with posts about everywhere from South Korea to Malaysia.

  1. The Korean Law Blog: This blog will help you learn about the legal issues that may affect doing business in South Korea.
  2. Bridging Culture Worldwide Blog: You’ll find some great posts on Korean global business through this blog.
  3. Malaysia Finance Blogspot: If you’re planning to do some business with Malaysia, learn more about the finance and economics of the country through this blog.
  4. Guide Me Singapore: Here you’ll find a wide variety of posts on business in Singapore, including articles on everything from branding to entrepreneurship.
  5. Picture Thailand: Find business, cultural economic and travel news related to Thailand here.
  6. Thai Business: The Business Exchange has a great archive of articles all about Thai business on this site.
  7. PinoyDeal Business: From e-business to regulations to tech news, you’ll find some good information on this blog about Philippine business.

International Business

These blogs aren’t focused exclusively on Asia, but you’re bound to get some coverage in through their posts on international business.

  1. Global Edge: Find all the international business news you need through this blog.
  2. The Global Small Business Blog: Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t go global. Read this blog for inspiration, news and advice.
  3. ibt Blogs: This site is home to a great number of international business blogs, perfect for finding news on topics like energy, finance and technology.
  4. International BS Blog: Help build a better business strategy in Asia and beyond with advice found on this blog.
  5. Business 360: CNN’s Business 360 is a great source of information for those working in international business.
  6. HBR Blog Network: The Harvard Business Review posts some interesting articles that can help you expand, manage and build your business at home and abroad.
  7. Customs and International Trade Law Blog: Through this blog, you’ll learn more about the laws and regulations that will dictate your business overseas.


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