U.S. Currency in Circulation Crosses $1 Trillion

The total U.S. currency and coin outstanding at the end of December 2010 crossed over $1 Trillion or $1,165,184,270,423 to be exact according to the Treasury Bulletin March 2011, U.S. Department of the Treasury. When the amounts held by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks are deducted, the total amount in circulation stood at $982,716,270,064. Out of this, coins in circulation totaled $40,696,461,630.

The latest edition of Bloomberg BusinessWeek notes that the currency and coin in circulation has crossed the $1 Trillion figure.


U.S. currency in circulation has been increasing steadily for many years now. For example, at the end of December 2007 currency in circulation totaled about $829 billion with the vast majority of it held outside the U.S. (Source: Federal Reserve Bank of New York).

On a per capita basis, the totals of currency and coins in circulation in mid-1955 was just $183. At the end of last year this amount has shot up to $3,157. As the Fed continues to print more money for a multitude of reasons the value of the dollar falls inevitably and investors’  demand for gold and other assets increases.

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