New ADR Listings: Interxion, Adecoagro and BCD Semiconductor

Last week three new foreign companies were listed on the U.S. organized exchanges. The following is a brief overview of them:

1. InterXion Holding N.V. (INXN) is an Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based provider of colocation data center services. InterZion serves over 1,100 customers through 28 data centres in 11 European countries. The company offered about 20 million shares at $13.00 per share. Shares closed at $13.80 on the first day of trading.

In 2009, total revenue was $171.7 million €. Revenues have grown over 23% year-over-year since 2006. InterXion was founded in 1998 and is backed by major investors including Credit Suisse First Boston, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. More information about InterXion is available at their investor relations site here.

2. Adecoagro S.A is an agricultural company in South America involved in the production of many agricultural products, including corn, rice, wheat, soybean and sugar among others, as well as ethanol and milk.Founded in 2002, the company owns over 270,000 hectares with operations in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Ethanol is the main source of fuel for transportation in Brazil and the demand for rice, sugar and beef is growing in other emerging countries. Adecoagro is in a sweet spot to capitalize on this demand since the land it owns is highly fertile and hence yields will be high relative to yields in developing countries such as China, India, etc. Hence this company is worth monitoring for potential investment in the future.

Adecoagro priced about 28.5 million shares at $11.00 per share and trades under the ticker AGRO. On debut, shares jumped about 10% and ended the day at $12.00 even. For further research please visit their corporate site here.

3. BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. (BCDS) is a Shanghai,China-based designer and manufacturer of analog integrated-circuit semiconductors for Asian makers of consumer electronics, ranging from computers to mobile-phone chargers. BCD began operations in 2002. BCD’s website has more detailed information on their products.

BCD offered 6 million shares in the $10.50 to $12.50 range. The stock closed flat on the NASDAQ market at $10.50.

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