Community Bank Stocks with more than 5% Dividend Yields

Unlike many other countries, there are thousands of small community banks in the U.S. These banks have a smaller foot print when compared to the regional or national banks such as Bank of America(BAC), Fifth Third Bank(FITB), U.S. Bank(USB), etc. However they are usually know their customers better and maintain close relationships with the local small businesses and consumers.

Some community banks operate in just a few counties and have very few branches. For example, United Bancorp Inc Ohio (UBCP) is a state chartered bank and has branches in just a seven country area in Ohio. Accordingly these banks have very low market caps and liquidity can be issue since the total number of outstanding shares is low. UBCP has a market cap of about $45M with 5.2M shares outstanding.

The following table lists 33 small cap community banks with yields of over 5%:


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