Germany Tops the List of Global Trade Logistics Rankings

Germany tops the list of countries that were ranked based on the Logistics Performance Indicators (LPI) in a recent study titled “Connecting to Compete 2010: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy” by The World Bank. With Europe’s largest economy and centrally located Germany offers a sophisticated logistics network for companies to reach EU’s 500 million customers. Singapore is ranked number two on the list.



The U.S. is ranked at number 15. “In terms of how developing countries are doing per region, South Africa (28) is the top performer from Africa; China (27) from East Asia; Poland (30) from Central and Eastern Europe; Brazil (41) from Latin America; Lebanon (33) from the Middle East; and India (47) from South Asia.”Somalia, Eritrea and Sierra Leone are three of the worst countries in terms of logistics infrastructure.

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