Knowledge is Power: Shenzen, Britain, Canada Housing Edition

Shenzhen has been at the vanguard of China’s economic reform over the past 30 years as a testing ground for policies later adopted nationwide. A recent crackdown on protests belied the city’s liberal characteristics and Beijing’s swift condemnation suggests it is unlikely to be repeated anytime soon. Shenzhen raises iron fist to protests

Nouriel Roubini has joined the gold naysayers, but Alec Hogg reckons he’d better beware. Gold’s enemies multiplying

He’s a top entrepreneur who recently put all his investments into cash, believing the UK faces bankruptcy. Read James Palumbo’s opinions on the economy…Does Britain face bankruptcy?

Is business turning the clock back to the 1970s?Robert Peston

Greece is in trouble. Swamped by public debt and shunned by international investors, the country has been told by EU leaders to face up to its fiscal crisis on its own. German papers on Friday ask how much fellow Europeans ought to do to help and who is to blame for the mess.‘No One Should Rule Out a Greek Bankruptcy’

China’s economic recovery is gathering momentum, with industrial activity and spending rising. Chinese numbers fire up confidence

Why didn’t Canada’s housing market go bust?James MacGee, a professor at the University of Western…

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