Knowledge is Power: Smart Money, Dubai Edition

Dubai: business as usual – When news broke of Dubai World’s economic crash, many feared that the emirate was heading for disaster. But among the high-rise hotels and high-end boutiques, there is much more optimism


Following the smart money – The normal suspects are in good demand, but bargain hunters are now also snapping up oversold subsectors such as platinum and potash.

Microcredit loans have revolutionized the world of finance in developing nations. Now Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate behind the concept, wants to see similar programs in the industrialized world. In a SPIEGEL ONLINE interview, he explains why Germany’s poor should be given loans Interview with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus- ‘Everyone Should Have the Right to Credit’

Total Eclipse At The Heart Of Dubai’s World

Asian SWFs have overtaken Middle East government investment arms as the largest acquirers of assets this year, and the biggest increase in spending is in the natural resources sector.Asian sovereign funds are biggest SWF spenders in 2009

For millions of followers, the prosperity gospel encouraged financial risk in the name of God. Did Christianity Cause the Crash?

It is tradesmen left with unpaid bills who will suffer most from Dubai’s problems; Abu Dhabi has thrown a tarpaulin over its own banks to dampen contagion. Far more worrying is the commercial real estate problem in the United States. – US the problem, not Dubai

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